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Few days ago I talked with a client on issue bordering on "serving God." I want to outline some of the points I made clear during our conversation(session).

I want to make it clear to all that when you are serving God, you are serving men(human beings).

When someone (man of God) ask you to serve God under him, be fully sure of what you are entering into.

Don't let anyone pressure you into a path you are not fully sure of.

Don't let your passion lead you into a path that will leave you in frustration.

Remember that there is faith and there is foolhardiness.

Know that everyone serves their interests first (no matter how small) before another.

Make sure you have a written document (if possibly signed with a witness around) of any agreement, contract etc. you are entering with anyone. Put emotion aside.

Please if you are going into any sacrificial service, volunteering, missionary work, etc. be sure that your source of sustenance is secured so that you don't compromise along the way or be controlled by another against your faith.

Know that wherever you find yourself even in a religious organisation, that that place is part of the larger society you are living in, and will definitely be a reflection of that society.

Lastly, if you are enjoying what you are doing, continue and be careful and if you are enduring what you are doing, pause and reflect.

More on this later 
Questions will be entertained

Have a blessed and fulfilled day 
©Counsellor Meni

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